The Handy-Hooker™ Equipment & Tool Hanger
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High-strength and space-efficient storage solution for garden tools, power tools, sporting goods, folding chairs, umbrellas, and much more. A superior alternative to old fashioned storage hooks.

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Simple to use...
1. Pass the looped end of a Handy-Hooker™ strap assembly around an object (for shorter hanging lengths or for securing to long, narrow objects, make two passes with the loop before proceeding to the next step).
2. Pass the snap hook on the other end of the strap assembly through the loop.
3. Securely hang the object by clicking the  hook to a ring on the Handy-Hooker™ Base Plate.  This creates a tight lasso hold around almost any object that, unlike standard storage hooks, will not scratch or damage an object while providing a far more secure hold. 


The Handy-Hooker™ Tool & Equipment Hanger securely stores up to three objects on any wall or ceiling using only 8 inches of space!  With each strap capable of holding up to 50 pounds, the Handy-Hooker™ is a far stronger and more space-efficient way to store hand, power, and garden tools and other gear than using plain old hooks.

The Base Plate can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit in tight wall spaces or to overhead joists or rafters in the basement, or under staircases. With the Handy-Hooker™, there is no need to worry about tools getting knocked off of garage wall hooks and causing damage to cars and other property.

The Handy-Hooker™ is guaranteed for a lifetime to provide a more space-efficient and drop-proof alternative to traditional storage hooks.

Quick Tip: For maximum versatility and the simple installation of multiple Base Plates along a wall, secure a 2" x 4" board to the wall studs to act as a mounting surface for the Base Plates. This allows for the closer positioning of numerous Base Plates as they can be secured directly to the 2x4 regardless of stud positions.

MSRP: $19.95