Based in eastern PA, Glen Eagle Company is a US Manufacturer that specializes in the field of industrial sewing including single & multi-needle lock-stitching, overlock stitching, program stitching, boxstitching, and more.  We  also offer a wide range of metal and plastic custom machining services as well as 3D Printing services in a wide range of materials to support the extensive range of product development services that we offer.   With decades of product development and manufacturing experience we have assisted in countless new product launches, product testings, and product design enhancements in the categories of consumer products, pharmaceutical, aviation & aerospace, industrial products, and others.  We also manufacture our own lines of innovative products that we manufacture in the USA almost entirely from US-sourced materials.  Please contact us with any questions about our product lines or if you would like to discuss the product development and prototyping services that we provide. Most of our customers are large companies but we also work with individuals and small startups so no project is too small.


Drawing on nearly three decades of industrial sewing experience, Glen Eagle Company launched it's website,, in 2017 to focus on it's wide range of custom sewing capabilities as well as for the distribution and support of it's own brands of products that include The Load Lock Fastener line of strap and tie down products, The Handy-Hooker line of storage products, and a wide range of stock and custom fabric and mesh drawstring bags and covers.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the products or custom sewing services we provide.  Thank you for visiting our website!