Premium Mesh Drawstring Bags Made in USA
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We stock several common meshes to produce bags in stock sizes but custom bags are also available with low minimum purchases and fast turnaround time.  If you don't see the material, color, shape, or size that you are looking for please contact us for availability, chances are we can produce it to your specs.  We can customize bags to almost any specification that you may require. We use rugged nylon draw cord and reliable cordlocks and zipper pulls on the ends of the cords to prevent accidental pull throughs. All of our stock materials are machine washable but they may shrink from washings. We recommend using low heat wash and dry cycles to minimize shrinkage and reduce color loss.


 Standard Bag Options available as Purchase Options include:

Quick Ship Option #1: Add Stainless Steel Hanging Hook (+$5.00 per bag)

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Nylon loop of strap is sewn into bag and Type 316 Stainless Steel Hook is positioned through loop.  Standard location is top of bag at fold opposite the drawstring (contact us for custom locations).  Additional cost per bag for this option is $5.00.

Quick Ship Option #2: Add Custom Printed Tyvek Tag (+$4.00 per bag) - This option is great for equipment and sporting goods gear identification as well as for party favor bags with personalized names.


We will custom print any text (such as name, address, part #, etc.) and/or logo on machine washable Tyvek tag material (black print on white tag) and sew the tag into a seam on the bag.  Standard tag location is top of side seam below drawstring (custom locations available upon request and may be subject to custom setup fee).  Please provide us with the requested text/logo and specify font if known and we will scale it to fit on tag.  Additional cost per bag for this option is $4.00. 



Heavy Duty Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bag

Our strongest stock mesh material is a black nylon with 0.10" mesh opening. It is stiffer and not as soft as the black polyester of similar size (next item below). We recommend this material for applications that require the highest strength.  

PURCHASE Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bag


Medium Weight Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag 


Our most commonly used material is a black Polyester Mesh with 0.10" opening. It is softer but not quite as strong as the heavy nylon mesh.  Great for most applications where extreme strength is not required.  

PURCHASE Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag


Medium Weight Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag, Highly Breathable Open Mesh

For storing items that need to be air dried (such as diving, pool, or sporting goods gear) we recommend our medium weight Polyester Mesh with 3/8" opening. It is a slightly stiffer mesh with more open mesh with very low water absorption.  Great for quick drying applications. Available in several colors

PURCHASE Mesh Polyester Drawstring Bag, 3/8" Mesh Size 


Medium Weight Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag, Food Grade

For food applications we recommend our heat set (white) Polyester Mesh with 0.125" opening.  We recommend this material for applications that come in contact with foods (wash before using with foods).  

PURCHASE Polyester Mesh Drawstring Bag, 0.10" Mesh Size


Round and Square Bottom Bags with Added Depth Dimension Coming Soon

Contact us for pricing information or to place an order for 3 Dimension Bags.