Lightly Used Industrial Machinery for Sale

Glen Eagle Company provides regular machine maintenance on all of our machinery in our climate-controlled facility so all of our machinery is in great condition with no rusted components.   From time to time our production needs change and our machinery is upgraded to meet new product specifications and as a result some of our equipment becomes unnecessary for our normal operations.  We offer this machinery at a significant discount from its original cost.  Due to the size of most of the machines in our shop, local pickup is preferred but we are able to crate and palletize our machinery for LTL freight shipments throughout the USA.  We are the original owners of all machinery we use in our operations and guarantee it all to be in perfect working order and we are happy to help in the setup and operation of our equipment for a specific manufacturing task.  Following is a list of machinery that we are currently offering for sale (please click on the items below for more information or to order):