Load Lock® Universal Tree Support Straps

Fully adjustable tree staking straps (stakes not included)


1.) Drive stake (not included) into ground and position loop of strap around stake. Wear protective eye and hand gear when driving stakes into ground.

2.) Pass Load Lock® buckle through loop wrapped around tree trunk and form a lasso hold around tree. Adjust as necessary. 


4.) Pass strap down through top slot
of Load Lock® buckle to follow the self-feeding path.  The strap will eject through the top of the Load Lock®.

5.) Pull the free end of the strap towards
the front end of the Load Lock® to tighten.

6.) repeat above steps with other strap assemblies while levelling tree and adjust each as necessary. Inspect and adjust during tree growth.

The Load Lock® is a patented self-locking buckle design.  To tighten (or shorten) the strap pull the free end of the strap over the front end of the Load Lock®. To release or lengthen the strap, apply slight pressure to the release button on the top of the Load Lock and pull the strap back through the Load Lock® mechanism while keeping fingers clear of the free end of the strap as it passes back through. Excess strap length can be tied off or tucked into strap loops.                

Adjustable Tree Staking and Support System includes: 
(3 Qty) adjustable straps (adjustable from 2-9 feet, longer custom lengths available upon request), Color: Black.

Works with any tree stakes (not included).‚Äč

MSRP: $19.95