Strap Material Comparison & Characteristics Chart


 General Properties, Characteristics, & Limitations of Nylon and Polypropylene

Color Selection Many in Stock Black  Green, Yellow, Blue
Max Temp (@ melt) 410 degrees F 320 degrees F  491 degrees F
Strength High Medium  High
Resistance to UV Good Good  Excellent
Resistance to Acids Poor Excellent  Poor
Resistance to Alkalis Good Excellent  Poor
Resistance to Oil & Grease Poor Excellent  Poor
Abrasion Resistance Good Poor  Excellent
Stretch 25% @ rated strength Over 30% @ rated strength  5-15% @ rated strength
General Texture/Feel Excellent Good  Excellent
Other Properties Absorbs water, expands when wet Low water absorbtion, floats, excellent for use around batteries and fuels  Low water absorbtion
Resistance to Mildew Poor Poor Good