Load Lock Fasteners without strap (for OEM)


Available in small quantities and bulk packed in large quantities for OEM applications

For manufacturers that would like to incorporate Load Lock FASTeners® into their existing product lines or end users who would like to improve products that have existing 1" strap, Load Lock FASTeners® are available without strap.  We suggest using an appropriate stitch for permanently securing a strap to the Load Lock® (straps should not be knotted).  For extremely light-duty applications where a stitch may not be necessary, we also offer plastic slide adjusters for a stitch-free connection to the Load Lock® (available in the strap hardware section of our website). 

Load Locks® are available in two standard materials, an acid-resistant polypropylene with a maximum breaking strength of approximately 170 lbs and a general purpose nylon with a maximum breaking strength of approximately 230 lbs. Actual breaking strengths will vary based upon operating temperature and the rate at which loads or impacts are applied.  Load Locks® should never be used for climbing, overhead lifting, towing, or securing large objects, particularly those with high relative wind exposure.  Glen Eagle Company is not responsible for the determination of a Load Lock's® suitability for a specific task and assumes no responsibility for injuries or property damages resulting from modification or misuse.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the safe use of our products or their suitability to perform a given task.  End users should always be informed of the product warnings and limitations as specified on the packaging to ensure that Load Locks® are used appropriately.  Standard color is black. 100% Made in USA!


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