Hull Support and Cradle for Canoe and Kayak Hoists

(Canoe & Kayak Storage Hoist sold separately) 

If your kayak or canoe does not have lanyards or lifting rings or to prevent hull damage during extended storage periods, we offer a Canoe & Kayak Stabilized Hull Cradle (hoist sold separately).  Our Canoe & Kayak Hull Cradle provides a lifting point for any canoe or kayak hoist and distributes the support around the hull.  It is particularly well suited for the storage of  plastic or wood hulled canoes and kayaks, which are most susceptible to warpage over time when hanging from the ends. This system provides a simple solution that permits the optimal sideways storage of kayaks to prevent hull damage during storage.

 The Load Lock® Canoe & Kayak Stabilized Hull Cradle System includes:
(Qty. 2) 8' Cradle Straps with Stainless Steel Lifting Rings and 2" wide strap sleeves (34" long) for extra support
(Qty. 1) 10' Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap (adjustable from 3.5' to 10') with Type 316 Stainless Steel Snap Hooks

The 8' Cradle Straps are quickly and fully adjustable to secure each end of a kayak and are joined by the lifting rings by a 10' Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap to prevent accidental slippage or release of a secured kayak or canoe.  Constructed of nylon strap, high strength Load Lock® Fasteners, stainless steel hardware, and coated zinc metal cams, our Stabilized Canoe & Kayak Cradles are rust-resistant and are built to last. The Hull Cradle straps feature a 2" wide strap sleeve for maximum support of the kayak and uses a plastic slide for neatly securing and tucking the excess strap under the strap sleeve once the loop size is adjusted for the kayak hull size upon first use (and also acts as a redundant strap locking safety mechanism).

Fully adjustable to fit all canoes & kayaks. Simple & Secure.

cradle1.jpg cradle2.jpg cradle3.jpg cradle4.jpg

1.) Slip the 8' Hull Cradle Straps over both ends of a canoe or kayak to a well supported hull region (approximately 1/3 of the total length in from each end). For canoes, the hull cradle straps should be positioned around thwarts or seat bars to prevent distortion at the top gunwales.

2.) Connect the Canoe and Kayak Hoist to the Lifting /  Stabilizing Rings on the Cradle Straps, position for nearly vertical alignment of the hoist straps, and further adjust cradle straps for tightness as necessary.

3.) Connect the stainless steel snap hooks at both ends of the Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap to the Lifting / Stabilizing Rings on the Cradle Straps (the same rings where the hoist is connected to the hull cradle straps).

4.) Adjust the Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap to the desired length (removing any slack) to ensure that the Hull Cradle Straps cannot slip off the ends of the canoe or kayak. 

Hull Cradle for Canoe and Kayak Storage Hoist
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