Hull Support and Cradle for Canoe and Kayak Hoists

Universal design works with all Canoe & Kayak Storage Hoists
(sold separately) 

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Canoes and kayaks should never be hung from their ends as they can quickly warp under their own weight.  Our Canoe & Kayak Hull Cradle provides a lifting point for any canoe or kayak hoist and distributes the support around the hull.  It is particularly well suited for the storage of  plastic or wood hulled canoes and kayaks, which are most susceptible to warpage over time when hanging from the ends. Our hull cradle system provides a simple solution that permits the optimal sideways storage of kayaks and the upside down storage of canoes to prevent hull damage during storage.

 The Load Lock® Canoe & Kayak Stabilized Hull Cradle System includes:
(Qty. 2) 8' Cradle Straps constructed of heavy duty 2" polyester webbing and Stainless Steel D-Rings/Lifting Rings
(Qty. 1) 9' Nylon Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap (adjustable from 3' to 9') with Type 316 Stainless Steel Snap Hooks

The Cradle Straps are constructed of high strength 2" polyester with a heavy duty SuperLoc buckle that quickly and securely adjust around the ends of a kayak.  A 9 ft long Stabilizer Straps joins them together at the lifting rings via stainless steel hooks and distributes the weight across hoist straps.  This fixes the optimal spacing of the cradle straps while preventing accidental slippage off the ends of a secured kayak or canoe.  Our Stabilized Canoe & Kayak Hull Cradles is a universal design that may be used with any canoe or kayak hoist up to 8 feet in girth (please contact us to inquire about longer lengths). 


Features 100% Stainless Steel ​and plastic hardware for years of rust-free use!

1.) Slip the 8' Hull Cradle Straps over both ends of a canoe or kayak.  The ideal spacing should be approximately 1/3 of the total length in from each end - for example, the optimal spacing for a 15' kayak would approximately 5 feet in from each end and 5 feet between the cradle strap positions. For canoes, the hull cradle straps should be positioned around thwarts or seat cross bars to prevent distortion at the top gunwales.  To feed the SuperLoc buckle pass the free end of the strap up through the middle from the underside, pass over the bar on the top of the buckle and feed back down through the front slot.  To adjust simply pull the free end of the strap to the desired tightness.  To loosen or release, lift the front lip of the buckle up to rotate it open while pulling the strap through the bottom.
2.) Connect the stainless steel snap hooks at both ends of the Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap to the D-Rings on the Cradle Straps 
3.) After the cradle straps are in the desired position, connect the Canoe and Kayak Hoist to the D Rings on the Cradle Straps, position for nearly vertical alignment of the hoist straps, and further adjust cradle straps for tightness as necessary.

4.) Tighten the Load Lock® Stabilizer Strap to the desired length by pulling the free end of the strap up and away from the front of the Load lock® to ensure that the Hull Cradle Straps cannot slip off the ends of the canoe or kayak. To loosen the Load Lock® apply slight pressure on the release button and pull the strap from the underside while keeping fingers clear of the strap as it passes through the Load Lock®.

Hull Cradle for Canoe and Kayak Storage Hoist
NEW VERSION! (now shipping September 2020 version with 2" Hull Cradle Straps)

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