The Handy-Hooker™ Hose and Cord Hanger

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Simple and secure storage for garden hoses from any interior or exterior wall or ceiling

 The strongest and most secure way to hang garden hoses and other objects from walls or ceilings. Stronger than hose storage reels, the Handy-Hooker™ Hose Hanger provides over 300 pounds of holding strength and is 100% drop-proof!

To use, simply pass the looped straps around the hose (or body of any other object) and pass the snap hook through the loop on the other side.  Then click the strap assembly to the stainless steel lag eye bolt.  This simple hose storage method provides significantly more strength than hose reel products, while occupying a small fraction of the space.

The Handy-Hooker™ lag eye bolts only extend 1" from a wall or ceiling which greatly improves the use of space around storage hooks in high traffic areas.  The single installation point of the lag eye bolt makes installation quick and simple.

All straps are nylon and all metal is Type 316 Stainless Steel for years of use.

3.5 inch stainless steel lag eye bolt (Qty 1)
Zinc anchor for installation in concrete, stone, or brick walls or ceilings (Qty 1)
(not necessary for drywall or wood installations)
26" Handy-Hooker™ Strap & Hook Assembly (Qty 1)
(1/2" Masonry Drill Bit (not included) required for installation into masonry wall or ceilings)

Made in USA with domestic and imported components.

MSRP: $8.95