The Handy-Hooker™ Golf Bag and Shoe Hanger
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A drop-proof storage solution for golf bags and shoes
Available in versions for 1, 2, or 3 sets of clubs & shoes 

For securely hanging and storing up to three sets of golf clubs and golf shoes on walls or ceilings using only 8"of wall space.  Far stronger than standard hanging hooks and more space-efficient than floor storage bins and golf bag racks!  Fits all golf bags and golf shoes!

Introducing the easiest, most secure, and most space efficient way to hang golf bags and golf shoes...  The Handy-Hooker™ Golf Bag and Shoe Storage products includes everything that you need to securely and quickly hang a golf bag and a pair of golf shoes on any almost wall or ceiling in the garage or basement.   To use, simply pass the looped strap around the handle, strap, O-ring, or club divider (club dividers are preferred when hanging multiple golf bags) of any golf bag and pass the snap hook through the loop on the other side (forming a self-adjusting, drop-proof lasso).  Then lift the bag and click the strap assembly to a ring on the included Base Plate.  A tough, nylon mesh drawstring golf shoe bag with a stainless steel snap hook is also included for the breathable storage of golf shoes up to size 17 (larger sizes are available upon request).  The 13" x 17" mesh bags also provide room for several sleeves of golf balls in addition to golf shoes.  The machine-washable, mesh bag allows golf shoes to dry and can be quickly secured to a ring on the Base Plate or to a ring or handle of the golf bag itself, making it easy to travel to and from the golf course with.  The Handy-Hooker™ Golf Bag & Golf Shoe Hanger provides a drop-proof solution for your golf equipment.  Competing products use weak and unnecessarily large hooks or oversized bins that tend to bend, rust, and/or occupy too much valuable floor and wall space, while requiring precisely positioned installations.  The Handy-Hooker™ Base Plate occupies only 8 inches of wall or ceiling space and extends less than 1" from a wall or ceiling which greatly improves the use of space in high traffic areas or in tight closet installations.  Available in versions for the storage up to 3 sets of golf clubs and shoes from a single installation.  Our golf bag storage products make great gifts for golfers.  

(Qty. 1, 2 or 3) 21" Handy-Hooker™ strap (for the storage of any golf bag)
(Qty. 1) High strength plastic Base Plate for mounting on walls, ceilings, or in closets
(Qty. 1, 2 or 3) 13" wide x 17" tall nylon mesh drawstring bag with stainless steel hanging hook (for storage of golf shoes)
(Qty. 6) Stainless Steel screws and plastic wall anchors for Base Plate installation

3/16" Masonry Drill Bit (not included) may be required for installation into concrete, stone, or brick.
All straps are nylon and all metal is Type 316 Stainless Steel for years of use.


For 1 Set of clubs/shoes, $24.95
For 2 Sets of clubs/shoes, $44.95
For 3 Sets of clubs/shoes, $59.95