The Handy-Hooker™ Bicycle Hanger

Provides simple and secure bike storage from any wall or ceiling

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1.) Pass the first strap around the frame, seat, handlebar, or other suitable location on the bicycle.  Avoid positioning the strap around brake or gear changing cables.
2.) After, passing the strap around the bicycle, pass the snap hook through the loop on the other side to form a 'lasso' hold around the bicycle.
3.) Connect the snap hook to one of the previously installed lag eye bolts.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the second strap to secure the opposite side.

The Handy-Hooker™ Bike Hanger includes everything that you will need to securely, safely, and quickly hang a bicycle from any wall or ceiling.   Competing hanging bicycle storage hook products use weak and unnecessarily large hooks that tend to bend, rust (especially hollow metal hooks), and  protrude many inches from the mounting locations, while requiring precisely positioned installations to secure bikes.  The Handy-Hooker™ Bike Hanger uses lag eye screws that only extend 1" from a wall or ceiling which greatly improves the use of space around bike storage hooks in high traffic areas such as garages and basements.  The lag eye screws can be mounted at almost any height or distance apart, while accommodating the widest range of bike designs without scratching the secured bike.  

26" Handy-Hooker Nylon Straps with Type 316 Stainless Steel Hooks (Qty 2)
3.5" Stainless Steel Lag Eye Screws (Qty 2)
Lag Shields for installing in masonry (Qty 2)
(1/2" Masonry Drill Bit (not included) is required for installation into concrete and block walls)‚Äč

MSRP: $14.95